HR03 Alemite 7334 Hose Reel (3/8″) 15 Mt

Heavy Duty Alemite Hose Reel
Up to 15 mts of 3/8″ Fuel Hose
Max Pressure: 6400 psi
Reel Inlet: 3/8” BSP T (F)
Delivery Outlet: 3/8” BSP (F)
Weight: 21 kg (without hose)


Alemite 7334 Hose Reel (3/8″)

15 Mt Hose Reel Available with or without hose. Spring Retractable Hose Reel.

Built in the USA with a 2 year warranty.

Strong and rugged yet compact enough to fit easily into the tightest of spaces. Ideal for tidy transfer of oil, grease, air or water. With a working pressure of up to 6400 psi

As with all Alemite equipment, a full range of parts are available for repair, making Alemite products the most cost effective purchase.

Anti-lockout Design: Ratchet prevents lockup when hose is fully extended, eliminating the need to manually release the pawl at the reel.
Superior Performance: Swivel and reel ball bearings reduce torque load on power spring for smooth retraction and durability.
Corrosion Resistant: Sealed bearings prevent contamination and minimize maintenance.
Easy Installation and Maintenance: Factory lubricated one-piece power spring cassette makes installation safer and maintenance easier.
Durable: Heavy metal arbor design withstands extreme stress and eliminates breakage associated with non-metal and lightweight metal arbors.
Adjustable and Versatile: Five-position guide arm allows hose to release at optimum position. Narrow design allows for maximum use of available space.

Air/Water, Oil, Grease

Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Bench Top, Tank Top

Can be supplied with or without hose.

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