FE03 Fill-Rite Rotary Hand Pump (FR112)

  • 10 gallons per 100 revolutions
  • UL approved
  • Can be used to pump in reverse direction
  • Cast iron rotor

For more information call Gary at 086-253-271


Fillrite FR112 Rotary Hand Pump

Cast aluminum Fill-Rite rotary oil pump provides smooth, continuous transfer of medium viscosity liquids, as well as oil, petrol and diesel fuel.

Tough. Reliable. Long-Lasting. Fill-Rite hand pumps deliver fluids quickly and easily. Whether you’re transferring petrol, oil, or diesel, select from a variety of Fill-Rite hand pumps. You’ll appreciate the trouble free performance of these rugged Fillrite rotary oil pumps.

Improved seal keeps water out. Built-in check valve and strainer. Pump easily mounts to a standard drum with 2in. NPT. Anti-siphoning device, hose with static wire and a 20 in. to 34 3/4 in. telescoping suction pipe. Pad-lockable pump can be set up for reverse flow and is adaptable for drums, kegs or storage tanks.

Fill-Rite products are fully ATEX approved. Made in the U.S.A.


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