MecaTech Fuel Biocide TFB

MecaTech TFB Fuel Biocide Treatment

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MecaTech TFB – Fuel Biocide Treatment

The MegaTech Fuel Biocide is a broad range industrial biocide treatment for intermediate hydrocarbons like diesel fuel. Thanks to its partition coefficient, TFB (Total Fuel Biocide) is efficient on the fuel phase as well as on the water phase. It has been developed to protect intermediate hydrocarbons tanks from bacterial and fungal contamination during long-term storage.

  • Quick and long-lasting effect
  • Allows for long-term storage of fuel without any risk of micro-organisms contamination
  • TFB does not reduce the efficiency of additives for diesel (detergents, lubricants, cetane-improvers)

Dosage/use : If necessary, drain the tank bottom which contains water and sludge and dispose of it considering the current legislation. Add TFB before filling it up to ensure TFB is properly mixed. The treatment is recommended every 12 months according to good fuel quality practice

Available in 1 or 5 litre containers

Curative dosage: 1L for 1000 to 2000L

Preventive dosage: 1L for 5000L

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