Grease Guns for Sale Ireland

If you’re in the market for a grease gun in Ireland for your workshop at home or on the job site, GF Plant Spares in Longford offer a range of heavy-duty quality made grease guns and lubrication tools.

Grease guns are handy tools used for applying lubricants and greases to various mechanical or moving parts in machinery. They are widely used by mechanics, engineers, DIY’ers and hobbyists alike. Grease guns are designed to deliver lubrication in the form of grease under pressure, forcing it into areas of a rotary bearing through a grease nipple which may otherwise be very difficult to reach without disassembly. In general, grease guns are used in auto maintenance, heavy plant and equipment, agricultural vehicles or equipment, industrial plant and factory processing systems (such as conveyors and other goods-handling machinery) and in home DIY applications such as lawn-mower or chainsaw maintenance etc.

Grease guns dispense grease to lubricate various parts of plant and machinery but by far their most common use is on non-sealed bearings, which require regular top-ups of lubricating grease. Grease ensures moving parts are not directly rubbing against each other and don’t create too much friction. Depending on the machine or equipment design, many areas can be incredibly hard to apply grease and this is where grease guns can aid in greasing these tight areas quickly and with minimal effort. There are many types of grease guns on the market in Ireland, including battery powered grease guns, air powered grease guns or simple manual grease guns.

Grease Gun Types

  • Cordless Grease Guns –  also known as battery-powered grease guns, are similar to the manual guns except that the battery pack provides the power to create the required pressure build-up for greasing.
  • Hand Pump Grease Guns – also known as lubrication grease pump, features a pressurised pump piston or handle as part of the gun, which is primed before use to create a build-up of pressure, and then released via a trigger mechanism to force the grease or lubricant through the fitting.
  • Manual Grease Guns – also known as lever grease guns, are operated via a simple pressure trigger mechanism, enabling the user to control the force and flow rate of grease through their own physical squeezing force.
  • Pneumatic Grease Guns – also known as air-powered grease guns, attach to an air compressor via a length of hose, and provide greater power and speed for industrial or larger commercial greasing or lubricating applications

Cordless grease guns are usually more expensive than manual lever or trigger style grease guns, however, in many machine applications a cordless grease gun will help you complete the greasing job a lot faster.

GF Plant Spares stock a wide range of high quality cordless, pneumatic, and manual grease guns. There are many attachments such as extension hose, adaptors, grease gun couplers or replacement batteries that you can also purchase to enhance the grease gun’s capability.

Air Grease Gun or Manual Grease Gun

Unlike battery powered grease guns and air powered grease guns, manual grease guns have a relatively small and lighter form-factor, this allows them to be easily transported, maneuvered, and contorted into tight clearances in machinery. They are ideally suited to low-volume greasing; while they offer greater control over the amount of grease dispensed, however, you can quickly become tired using one on a large lubrication job.

Battery and pneumatic (air powered) grease guns are much more powerful and effective when dispensing a large volume of grease. They eliminate user fatigue and reduce the time required for greasing.

With a variety of grease dispensers on offer, GF Plant Spare’s grease guns come in different capacities, styles and pressures. Contact Gary at 086-253-2715 for more information or send your inquiry through the Ask a Question form.

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