Goldenrod Water Block Fuel Filter

Goldenrod Fuel Filter Kit
10 micron water block fuel filter assembly suitable for gravity or pumped systems.
Max flow 60 lt/min
1″ inlet/outlet


Goldenrod Water Block Fuel Filter Kit

High flow fuel filter/water separator with 10 micron fuel filter element.

Main Features:

  • Suitable for use with diesel fuel and petrol
  • Rust and weather resistant for years of service
  • Translucent polypropylene bowl gives a visual check of the filter element
  • Brass drain cock can be operated by a simple turn and releases accumulated water and unwanted contaminants
  • 1″ BSP Threaded aluminium inlet/outlet ports
  • Maximum working pressure 150psi/10bar
  • Wetted components aluminium, polypropylene, NBR, steel, paper element, nylon, brass
  • Not suitable for use with water based products, aviation fuels and race fuels
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