GR12 Lube Shuttle Grease Gun

Lube Shuttle Grease gun
Uses 400 gram Screw-in Grease Tubes

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Lube Shuttle Grease Gun

Side lever grease gun Lube Shuttle are made of high quality zinc plated steel with ergonomic hang grip handles.
(Refillable Cartridges) Working Pressure: + 400bar/5800psi with maximum pressure capability 800bar / 11600psi approx.

  • Tool-free cartridge opening
  • Fast and clean loading
  • Unloading without opening gun
  • Type and quantity of grease can bee seen at a glance
  • Optimum use of all grease in cartridge
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Refillable using Lube Shuttle filler pump and nozzle adaptor
  • Can change cartridges at any time for different grease without mess or waste of grease
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