FE22 Piusi Cube 70MC Fuel Pump

230 volt Fuel Pump
Output up to 60 l/min
900 watt, 4,2 amps
1” Inlet

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Piusi Cube 70MC Diesel Fuel Pump

  • Up to 50 users pincodes or optional magnetic key
  • Records date & time of dispensing & amount of fuel taken
  • Stores 255 transactions before downloading is required
  • Comes with PC software and key reader
  • 230V 60lt/min self-priming pump
  • Meter accuracy of +/- 0.5%
  • 4m x 1” delivery hose & automatic nozzle

The Piusi Cube 70MC Fuel Pump can be mounted to walls, tanks, cisterns, drums or special pedestals. The self-priming vane pump includes a bypass valve and is fitted on anti-vibration supports. Mechanical seal. The induction motor includes thermal motor overload protection.

  • Automatic nozzle with swivel connection.
  • Integrated nozzle holder with stop/start pump lever.
  • Intake mesh filter.
  • Pump fitted with oval gear meters
  • Electronic control unit for multiuser management and pre-selected fuel dispensing
  • Interfaces with PC for sending and organising data
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