HR15 Alemite 7342 Hose Reel (1″) 15 Mt

Alemite Fuel Hose Reel
15 mts of 1″ fuel hose
Max Pressure 10 bar
Weight: 119 lbs


Alemite 7342 Hose Reel (1″)

Alemite High Capacity Reels offer high volume delivery in the most extreme outdoor conditions. The high capacity flow passage reduces fill rate time, improving efficiency and helping reduce cost.

Superior Performance – Swivel and reel ball bearings reduce torque load on power spring for smooth retraction every time.
Anti-Lockout Design – Ratchet prevents lockup when hose is fully extended, eliminating the need to manually release the pawl at the reel.
Corrosion Resistant – Sealed bearings prevent contamination and minimize maintenance, a critical performance factor in dirty environments. Sealed rollers eliminate contamination which can bind hose guide rollers.
Easy Installation and Maintenance – Factory lubricated one piece power spring cassette makes installation and maintenance safe and easy. Outlet port swivel nut makes installing delivery hose quick and easy.
Strong and Stable – Double arm design provides extra support for a larger hose during use.
Four corner bolt hole pattern on outside of base provides extra stability.
Compatibility – Oil, air, water, fuel and a range of other fluids.

Can be supplied with up to 15 mts of 1” hose or 20 mts of ¾” hose.

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