MT11 Piusi Pistol One Oil Control Gun

3/4″ Oil Control Nozzle
Up to 90 lt/min
Up to 100 bar pressure


Piusi Pistol One High Flow Oil Control Gun

Piusi Pistol One high flow capacity nozzle for oil dispensing. “Pistol-ONE” is a new nozzle specially designed for heavy-duty work conditions and for anyone requiring high flow rates, low flow resistance at high pressures as well as ease of handling and use.

The aluminium body is shock resistant, ergonomic and compact. The valve is balanced to reduce pressure on the trigger to the utmost, to make the nozzle extremely easy to use.

  • Nominal flow rate 90 l/min
  • Max operating pressure 100 Bar
  • Burst pressure 300 Bar
  • Flow resistance 0.6 bar at 60 l/min.
  • Trigger operating force at 100 Bar: 9 Kg
  • Swivel at entry with strainer filter
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