MT21 Fill-Rite Mechanical Flow Meter (901LX418)

4-wheel liter mechanical meter
Flow rate of 25 – 150 LPM.

For more information call Gary at 086-253-2715

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Fill-Rite has over 50 years of industry-leading experience in the design and manufacture of positive displacement meters, shipping over 100,000 units each year. Our expertise in nutating disc and oval gear technologies make Fill-Rite meters the preferred brand for a broad range of applications in multiple markets. We offer “weights and measures approved” models for custody transfer, batching or dispensing. Whether you are tracking fuel consumption on-site or in the field, Fill-Rite offers a professional solution.

The Fill-Rite range of mechanical flow meters are designed to meet the stringent demands of customers who need to monitor fuel usage accurately and dependably. Rugged construction, easy to read numbers, and the flexibility of horizontal or vertical positioning are just three features of these superior meters. Plus, all can be field calibrated for the utmost accuracy.

Fill-Rite products are fully ATEX approved.

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