MT35 Badger FMS Compact Fluid Management System (02)

FMS Compact Fluid Management System

  • 4 dispense points
  • 4 fluids
  • Integrated ticket printer
  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • RS 232 serial port for PC or printer
  • Connection for barcode reader
  • Protection class IP 42

For more information call Gary at 086-253-2715

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Compact and Easy System FMS Compact

The FMS Compact is a compact and easy to use fluid management system for up to 4 dispense points (tank management). The system is equipped with an integral printer, alphanumeric keypad and internal large graphic display.

Due to its intelligent control, the system only allows operation by entering a personal code (up to 99 authorised operators). It prints a ticket after each transaction and stores up to 1600 transactions in its memory for eventual download to a PC computer. All the inputs and outputs of the system are wired by means of terminal clamps located inside the enclosure ensuring an easy “plug & play” installation without the need of
opening the housing.

The rugged steel housing and high quality plug connectors guarantee reliable operation in harsh conditions.

Customized versions with firmware adaption, LCR pulse scalers or internal pulse isolators are available upon request.

The FMS Compact can be used as a batch control and tank management system. It can be combined and managed with many mechanical and electronic flow meters via the pulse output/input offering a broad range of applications – from the management of mineral oils, fuels, hydrocarbons, water, detergents, alcohols, paints, etc. to the batching of fuel additives and concrete process additives.

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