GR08 Multi Gun Springless Grease Gun

Multi Cartridge Grease Gun suitable for

  • 400 gram Lube Shuttle tubes
  • 500 gram Fuchs type grease cartridges
  • Standard 400 gram grease cartridges

Comes with flexi grease hose and grease coupler. Easy to change from one grease tube to another. Uses vacuum suction rather than spring to empty grease.

For more information call Gary at 086-253-2715

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Springless Multi-Cartridge Grease Gun

Simple to use and clean to load, the new Multi Gun® is a Multi-Cartridge Greasing System featuring a unique Barrel System.

The Multi Gun is a versatile grease gun designed to be used with any DIN 1284 cartridge, plus 400g cartridge and 500g threaded cartridge. The unique design requires no spring loading; instead the Multi Gun charges the pressure chamber with new grease by vacuum before dispensing at pressures tested at up to 8000 psi.

Loading a new grease cartridge, no matter the type, is clean, simple and quick to do on-site, requiring no tools.

Each Multi Gun is supplied with:

  • 600 mm High Pressure Spring Guard Supply Hose
  • 4 Jaw Coupler
  • Adapter for use with Standard Grease Cartridges
  • Follower Seals
  • Fittings for use with Screw Threaded Cartridges

The new Multi Gun provides ease of operation, versatility and exceptional build quality.

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