MT30 Piusi OCIO Tank Contents Gauge

OCIO 2.0 Reads the liquid level in a tank.
Suitable for all fluids in tanks up to 4 mts.
PC software available on request


Piusi OCIO Tank Contents Gauge

The Piusi OCIO guage detects the static pressure generated by the liquid level by means of a pipe inserted into the tank and displays the liquid level or volume. Suitable for most liquids with an accuracy of a few milimeters.


OCIO 2.0 is equipped with local electronics and an integrated LAN card to allow constant two-way dialogue with your PC.

Connecting the Piusi OCIO 2.0 to the Self Service Management 2.0 software, you can:

  • Set tank type and dimensions from a remote location.
  • Program level alarms.
  • Define the unit of measurement.
  • Calibrate the instrument.

Depending on the set alarm levels, OCIO 2.0 can cut-off the power supply to connected equipment.

The OCIO 2.0 is available in several different versions:

  • OCIO RS/485 (for use with self-service mc 2.0, cube mc 2.0, Mcbox 2.0)
  • OCIO WiFi 2.0
  • OCIO MC 2.0
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