Alemite 1000 Series Tank Package

Alemite 1000 Oil Tank Package

Combining quality Alemite products, these durable tank packages come complete with pumps, hose reels, meters and all necessary hardware. You can rely on Alemite to provide you with the ideal system to meet your needs


Efficient and Economical Bulk Fluid Handling

Alemite has added a series of heavy-duty bulk lubrication tank packages to its line of Fluid Handling Equipment.

The 1000 Series tanks come assembled, but the sight gauge and filter regulator must be mounted. Assembly is required on the 1300 Series tanks. These packages can be delivered directly to your location to save time and money.

Alemite bulk lubrication systems include a wide range of choices to meet each customer’s specific needs:

  • Heavy-duty, UL-listed, 300-gallon tanks
  • Bench
  • Rectangular in either horizontal or vertical orientations
  • Single- or double-wall construction
  • Fast, quiet, efficient Alemite 5:1 RAM pump
  • Rugged, reliable Alemite reel assembly
  • 50´ x ½˝ ID hose
  • Smooth retraction and easy operation
  • Durable, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain
  • Choice of meters
  • Electronic with flexible or rigid extension
  • Electronic pre-set, high volume
  • Mechanical with flexible extension
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