Piusi Filtroll Filtering Unit

Available in 120 or 230 volt versions
Oil or Fuel Options
Filters down to 5 microns


Piusi Filtroll Filtering Unit

Double filter, triple control, filter cart. The Piusi Filtroll filtering unit provides double filtration for oil and diesel fuel and absorbs any water and impurities. The unit features a supply and suction pipe with integrated bottom drain valve.Sturdy wheeled structure with large-diameter wheels


  • Sturdy wheeled frame
  • Large-diameter wheels
  • Flow rate 56 l/min.,
  • Filtering capacity – first stage 30 µ with water absorption
  • Filtering capacity – second stage 5 µ for impurities.

Optional Extras:
It can be equipped with electronics for controlling and automating the two functions:
– Automatic timing to determine filtering time in relation to the quantity to be processed.
– Automatic switch off in case of filter blockage.

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