MT18 Piusi Next 2 High Flow Oil Meter

Piusi 3/4″ High Flow Oil Control Gun
Digital Meter
Non Drip Nozzle
Up to 60 lt/min, 70 bar


Piusi Next 2 High Flow Oil Meter Nozzle

High flow-rate oil nozzle with oval gear electronic flow meter in acetal resin. The oval gear metering system allows for high metering precision with low pressure losses.

The high flow rate of the flow meter combined with the rugged and highly ergonomic nozzle and non-drip tip (available in both rigid and flexible versions) ensures clean, quick and safe delivery.


  • Flow rate up to 60 l/min
  • Repeatability: 0.2%
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5%
  • Maximum operating pressure 70 bar
  • Bursting pressure: 140 bar
  • Inlet swivel coupling with filter for impurities
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